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Isobar Compression garments are proven to increase venous return to support those with venous conditions, such as leg ulcers, reduce DVT risk in travel and increase athletic and strength recovery in athletes. We offer an affiliate marketing programme to hospitals, medical and travel clinics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres, plus sports performance personnel to have a 3D scanner at your venue to offer the best innovation in compression to your customers.

  • Improve clinical outcomes through accurate compression for all shapes and sizes
  • Promote safe travel for long-haul travellers
  • Improve athletic recovery
  • Drive revenue through commission

Help your customers and patients

Improve chronic venous insufficiency

  • Custom-fit for all shapes and sizes
  • Pressure accuracy over leading medical brand
  • Durability - no drop in pressure after 100 washes
  • Clinics quote saved nurse time over leg ulcer bandaging

Reduce risk of DVT in travel

  • Prevent blood pooling in the legs through immobility during coach and air travel
  • Support those who have additional risk, i.e. pregnancy, contraceptive pill, obese, tall, genetic conditions

Enhance recovery

  • Improve athletic recovery and strength

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