“I wore my Isobar socks alone as a normal sock and I am an experienced snowboarder. I expected some issues but had none at all and the sock was both warm and did its job. I am able to directly compare with inferior non-scanned products I used for only one week last year. In that sock, my ulcers were noticeably worse and frankly I wished I had not gone. A friend of mine is a nurse and he predicted trouble both years but I am glad to report no issues this year. I am most delighted that your product is so good.”
— Andy Agar, Venous Ulcer Survivor

“I was diagnosed with a blood condition that meant I was susceptible to blood clots and had led to several DVTs in my legs, leaving me with venous reflux and associated problems such as fluid retention. I now wear my Isobar compression stockings when on my feet all day and certainly when flying, safe in the knowledge that the risk of recurrence is mitigated.

“Isobar stockings are comfortable to wear, provide precisely the correct pressure where needed and are extremely effective at preventing swelling and discomfort. I wouldn’t be without them.”
— Chris Neal, Director Sirius Petroleum, ex-Harlequins & Bath player

“I’ve worn the socks now on 2 nine-hour flights, 2 three-hour flights and a four-hour flight and they are my favourite socks. I prefer them to my normal socks. They are super comfy and stay in place. When I got off my first flight, I forgot to take them off they were that comfy.”
— Steve McNulty, Vistage Regional Chair

“Everybody gets leg swelling when they sit still for a long time when flying long haul. This causes aching and heaviness in the legs. Wearing good-fitting compression socks stops the swelling and the symptoms. As a frequent long haul flyer, when I started wearing compression my legs felt so good it seemed to get rid of jet lag.”
— David Wright, VP Medical Affairs, British Technology Group

“I suffered two separate DVTs following flights to the Middle East to meet customers. These were distressing and painful. I could not work for over 3 weeks and was advised against flying for 6 months. Four years later, I still have a swollen leg, pain on standing and can no longer run.

My symptoms are massively better since I started wearing Isobar socks. Having previously tried compression stockings supplied by my GP, Isobar socks are far more comfortable and my vascular surgeon has said they are more effective. My company policy is now that all staff flying for business wear Isobar flight socks. I won’t get on a plane without them.”
— Neil Sherman, Global Business Director, Sensory International

“Having led many of the largest clinical trials ever conducted worldwide on the treatment of venous ulcer and other venous conditions, I know Isobar stockings offer a unique opportunity for clinicians to find the optimal pressure to relieve symptoms and to achieve ulcer healing for each individual patient. There are no previous stockings or bandaging systems that can deliver the prescribed pressure accurately. My patients tell me that Isobar stockings are more comfortable than anything they have worn previously.”
— Professor Charles McCollum, MB ChB FRCS MD. Professor of Surgery and Head of Academic Surgery, University of Manchester

“The individualised compression socks by Isobar provide a precision and accuracy required by elite athletes looking for the best in performance and recovery wear.

The 3-D scan of the lower leg ensures a perfect fit with optimal graded compression for our athletes that is second to none.

As well as providing world leading clothing technology for athlete recovery, Isobar demonstrates a very high level of customer service and understanding of the unique operating environment of the elite sporting world.”
— Dr Barry Fudge, UK Athletics & English Institute of Sport Senior Physiologist

“Isobar’s 3D scan means the athlete gets the perfect fit. Elite athletes from a range of sports come in many different shapes and sizes; hence the simple sizing system used by most companies is inadequate.

Isobar provides a clinical level of compression that is quantified. Many commercial garments provide unknown levels of compression, and lose their compression over time.

Our experiences with Isobar over the years have been nothing but positive. The price is worth it and the turnaround time rapid.”
— Dr Jonathan Leeder. PhD (Recovery and Muscle Damage). CSci. BASES Accredited. Lead Physiologist British Cycling. Lead Physiologist and Lab Director at English Institute of Sport, Sportcity, Manchester

“Every athlete is looking for the extra 1% gain in performance and I think Isobar does that for me. I don’t have heavy legs after I travel, which is a real bonus for my recovery. The socks fit great, are comfortable and I trust them to deliver the right compression I need.”
— Bruce Tasker, Team GB Bobsleigh driver

“Our compression socks arrived beautifully packaged. We have both tried them on and find them very comfortable. The whole process has been well orchestrated!”
— Mrs G, wearing Isobar for long-haul flights

“While playing rugby in March this year, I was tackled from behind. I fractured and dislocated my ankle and broke my fibular. Essentially my foot was the wrong way round as the force of the tackle had badly dislocated it. I ended up having surgery to hold the joint in place, I now have a metal plate and eight pins keeping it together. As part of my recovery, I used Isobar stockings every day after the cast came off and when I eventually returned to work. I did find two significant benefits, firstly whilst wearing the stockings the joint itself felt more secure and stable, particularly at work. Secondly, after a full day at work with the stockings on there was far less swelling in the ankle when I got in compared to when I didn’t wear it. I’d recommend to other amateur or professional sports people to use Isobar as part of recovery strategy from ankle injuries.”
— Mark Edwards, semi professional rugby player