Helping Christopher Lee with

Healing of multiple leg ulcers

Groundsman Christopher Lee has been able to return to work after using Isobar Compression hosiery to treat his severely ulcerated leg.

Helping Paul Buckley with

Multiple DVT and haematoma

Paul's Multiple DVT and Haematoma

Paul's Multiple DVT and Haematoma

"Ten years ago I was 47, I had just completed the London Marathon and the following day I felt a twinge in my calf. I had a three-hour drive back home and by the time I got there I had a pain in my chest. I could hardly breathe. I went straight to hospital and stayed in intensive care for a number of days, I was diagnosed me with a Pulmonary Embolism (PE). The blood clot had travelled from my calf at the start of my journey to my chest by the time I was home and had turned into a PE.
"One minute I had run the marathon, the next I literally could not walk to the end of the road. Four years later I suffered another blood clot when I was involved in
a serious crash during a cycling race. Later on, I also developed a haematoma on my knee. Isobar heard my story from another cyclist and scanned me for their compression socks. I’m glad to have the chance to protect my future health by wearing their compression."


Helping Alex Grannum with

Venous leg ulcer prevention and recovery

Alex wearing his his Isobar socks

Alex wearing his his Isobar socks

"After having been found to have a venous ulcer on my right ankle, I was given a prescription and told to get compression socks to prevent my left leg suffering the same. I took the prescription to my local pharmacy and asked for the biggest size socks but they didn’t fit. My wife shopped around and couldn’t find any either. You see, I’m 6ft 7ins and have size 15 feet. There was nothing available that would fit me.

"Out of desperation, I found Isobar Compression. They came to my home, scanned my legs and soon after my socks arrived in the post. I can’t describe the wave of relief that came over me. The socks are fantastic. Sometimes I forget they’re actually on my feet. They are so comfortable and it’s reassuring knowing they’re helping pump the blood back to my heart. I was told I’d have to wear compression socks for the rest of my life but I don’t mind as I know they will prevent the ulcers appearing again."


Helping British Swimmers with

Athletic recovery and travel

Karl Cooke, Head of Sports Science and Medicine at British Swimming

Karl Cooke, Head of Sports Science and Medicine at British Swimming

"As an Applied Physiologist, I am concerned with ensuring optimal graduated compression and role of fit is critical to achieving this. Truly graduated pressure has to be measured in some way. We have a wide range of sizes across the swim team and specificity is important – otherwise you are just putting on a tight pair of socks. And you don’t want to occlude blood flow by wearing a sock that is too tight and in the wrong areas. Customised fit is the only way to do that properly and so scanning a cross section of the calf makes perfect sense. As a scientist, I think this is important.

"There are times when you are trying to combine travel, competition and squeezing in training around that – and that is when compression is really useful. The athletes I have worked with have really benefitted from Isobar."

Helping Viv Taylor recover from

Ankle fracture injury

Practice Manager Viv Taylor - before (top) and after.   

Practice Manager Viv Taylor - before (top) and after.


"I leapt out of bed one evening to help my husband, who was unwell. My blood pressure must have been low as I fainted, collapsing to the floor and hurting my ankle.  I was in a great deal of pain and went to A&E, where I was diagnosed with a fractured tibia and fibula. I asked for an Aircast boot, rather than a cast, but was advised that with the type of fracture I’d sustained it would need to be in plaster for at least five weeks.

"I work for Prof. Charles McCollum (Vascular Surgeon) who was part of the team that created Isobar’s bespoke compression socks. He recommended
I should have my leg scanned for a compression sock to fit the left leg, for DVT prophylaxis while I was immobilised with the fractured right ankle.

"Five weeks later, when the plaster cast was removed, my right ankle hadn’t healed quite as well as the doctors had hoped; but they did now agree to me having an Aircast boot. I asked if I could put a compression sock on under the boot to improve both the swelling and the venous return. In the first ten days of wearing the Isobar sock on my injured right ankle, the circulation and swelling improved considerably. It was very comfortable to wear under the boot. The enormous advantage was that I could remove the boot to perform physiotherapy exercises, improving the movement in the ankle joint considerably."