ulcer recovery

How Isobar Compression is helping me with leg ulcer recovery

Alex Grannum contacted Isobar Compression when he couldn't find prescription compression to fit. Here he explains how Isobar custom-fit compression is helping him with venous leg ulcer prevention and recovery.

I’m 52 years old and I live in Southampton. Back in July 2016, I was prescribed compression socks after having been found to have a venous ulcer on my right ankle. I began receiving treatment through antibiotics and four-layer bandages to heal the ulcer. The doctors suggested that surgery was inevitable.

I was given a prescription and told to get compression socks to prevent my left leg suffering the same. I would have to wait for my right leg to heal before I could use the stocking on both feet.

I took the prescription to my local pharmacy and asked for the biggest size socks but they didn’t fit. My wife shopped around and couldn’t find any either. You see, I’m 6ft 7ins and have size 15 feet. There was nothing available that would fit me.

Out of desperation, I found a phone number on the socks I bought and enquired for a larger size. They suggested I contact Isobar Compression. Having googled them, they assured me that they could help me. I can’t describe the wave of relief that came over me. After some discussion, they came to my home, scanned my legs and soon after my socks arrived in the post.

Reassurance and comfort

The socks are fantastic. Sometimes I forget they’re actually on my feet. They are so comfortable and it’s reassuring knowing they’re helping pump the blood back to my heart. I have a friend with the same problem who’s wearing prescribed compression and he cannot believe the quality of my Isobar socks.

Two weeks ago the wound on my right ankle finally healed. As I’m nearly at the end of the treatment, I’m looking forward to finally wearing the other Isobar sock instead of the four-layer bandage, which has been very uncomfortable.

I was told I’d have to wear compression socks for the rest of my life but I don’t mind as I know they will prevent the ulcers appearing again.