Licensee programme announced

Today we’re launching an exciting opportunity for physiotherapy and travel clinics offer innovation in compression to their clients by becoming an Isobar Compression licensee. By offering custom-fit compression from a 3D scan, clinics will be able to show better outcomes from their clients, patients and customers as well as generate secondary income.

Isobar Compression garments have been developed, refined, researched and we are now ready to launch our first licenses for 50 physiotherapy clinics across the UK. With substantial evidence behind the accuracy of fit, pressure, durability and efficacy, Isobar Compression provides outstanding outcomes for athletic recovery, improved venous return for patients with vascular conditions and reduction in DVT risk in travel, post-surgery and during pregnancy.

Due to technology advances, clinicians can now scan for custom-fit compression in their own clinics through the use of their own tablet, free Isobar software, and a 3D camera (available for purchase if not already being used in clinic for bespoke orthotics).

Click here to find out more information and order a no-obligation licensee pack.