Isobar partners with performance experts Orreco

Isobar Compression is pleased to announce its partnership with Irish sports and data science company Orreco to provide custom-fit compression garments to their roster of elite athletes and teams.
Isobar's custom-fit compression garments are proven to provide significant athletic recovery by reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improving strength recovery after 48 hours of competing/training.
Isobar garments are clinically proven to improve the venous (blood) return from the legs and arms back to the heart, which helps prevent and treat vascular conditions and reduces the risk of DVT in long-haul travel and aids recovery from injury. 
Based in Galway and LA, Orreco uses machine intelligence to find hidden signals in data including GPS and performance statistics to help improve athletic performance and reduce the incidence of illness and injury.  
Orreco’s actionable data products have already gained significant traction with clients and professional sports stars in Formula 1, on the PGA tour, and with players and teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and Olympic sports. One of Orreco’s clients is English Premier League side Newcastle United.
Isobar is working with players and teams across Olympic and Paralympic sports, as well as football, rugby and cricket in the UK, plus athletes in the PGA Tour, NBA, NFL, MLB and US colleges. 
Orreco believes that supporting the athlete to perform at their best requires healthy travel and optimal recovery after training and competition. Under the new partnership with Isobar Compression, Orreco-supported athletes will undergo a unique 3D scan of the leg or arm, with a personalised garment then created which delivers accurate pressure, a perfect fit for their limb size and shape. This will aid their sports recovery and travel health.  
Commenting, Orreco co-founder and CEO Dr. Brian Moore said: “At Orreco we work with some of the best athletes on the planet. We are very proud of the peer reviewed research that drives our support and are constantly looking for evidence based and clinically proven technology that can help our clients. We have certainly found that with Isobar Compression. We are excited about our partnership and the possibility of bringing our collective world-class expertise to bear on this important area which can help to optimise performance.”
Dr. Jim Hampton, Isobar Compression Medical Advisor, said: “We are delighted to be working with Orreco to provide custom-fit compression garments for their incredible roster of world-leading athletes. Isobar Compression delivers the precise pressures needed for each indication, whether improving performance and recovery for elite athletes, DVT prevention, or treating lymphoedema and leg ulcers. This exact fit and accurate pressure cannot be achieved by any existing compression stocking or bandaging system and we are delighted to offer this service to Orreco’s elite sportsmen and women."

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