A new lease of life for patients

Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester has been using Isobar Compression hosiery at its specialist leg ulcer clinic for 18 months and is achieving great healing results for its patients.

"The benefit of Isobar Compression hosiery is we can put patients in compression that it would be very difficult to get made-to-measure or off-the-shelf for," Jo Clarke, leg ulcer specialist nurse, told Isobar.

"We can get misshaped and large limbs into Isobar Compression hosiery. We can make sure they're getting the specific compression that is not going to give any detriment to their arterial status."

You can watch a case study on patient Christopher Lee here. Christopher has seen fantastic results since wearing Isobar to treat three ulcers on his left leg and has been able to return to work as a groundsman, which has given him a new lease for life.