Isobar supports boxer ahead of fight

Isobar ambassador Charlie Quinn is preparing for his next professional fight this weekend after making the switch up to the heavier Cruiserweight title. In this guest blog, Charlie tells us about his fight preparations and how his Isobar Compression garments have aided his training.

It’s been two years since I turned professional and it’s been a steep learning curve. It’s really suited me as I’m learning constantly, from sparring to developing as a boxer. I used to find it hard boxing at a lighter weight, as I would have to spend the last couple of weeks getting down from 86kg to 81kg which is a big drop. I’d feel the loss of power.

I decided with my team after the last fight to make the step up to cruiserweight, which meant putting on two stone. I took some time out from fighting to concentrate on putting on the weight and putting a lot of work into strength and conditioning. This has meant that the last couple of weeks leading up to my fight this weekend has been spent on technical work rather than weight loss.

My worry with going up a weight was that I’d get slow, but this hasn’t happened at all. In fact, I feel more powerful and I’m actually faster on track! These early fights are my learning fights and as only a four-rounder, I have chance to get used to the challenge of the fight. At this weight everyone can punch hard. It’s a slim division though so I can hopefully move through the rankings quickly.

While training for this fight, I’ve been making the most of my Isobar products. I’ve been wearing arm sleeves and full-length socks for recovery and they’ve really made a difference. I used to feel the DOMS the day after training hard, but now I can just get up the next day and train hard right away. I also have travel garments that I wear for travelling to London and Manchester for training or sparring, which have helped too.

Charlie’s fight is on 10th March at York Hall, London. Find out more about Charlie at: