Sale Sharks recover faster with Isobar

John Kirkpatrick of Sale Sharks talks about how his players have recovered significantly from training and games this season after wearing Isobar Compression custom-fit compression technology.

"Isobar use the most innovative technology when it comes to tailoring the compression garments to each individual athlete. Isobar use a 3D scanning machine to attain a perfect fit for each leg. This process ensures that the correct pressures are applied to the ankle, calf and quadriceps. This process means each athlete has a bespoke garment that is a perfect fit ensuring maximum performance in recovery.

"Isobar came into the club and provided the squad with an excellent presentation highlighting the optimal compression the garments provide in comparison with other market leading brands. They show cased the technology they use to attain the correct and accurate compression as well as sharing feedback and early research on the performance of both the calf socks and the full-length tights.

"The squad at Sale Sharks has really benefitted from wearing the garments. They have found that by wearing the garments after games and training sessions have significantly improved recovery times. We have also noticed that recovery has improved in their jump scores post game (fatigue test we use) as well as an improved score on their wellbeing survey (questionnaire on player health).

"I have personally found Isobar to be an excellent product. The ongoing support they have offered the squad has been first class. They have supplied replacement garments when necessary and have provided 3D scanning for new players within a very short time frame.

"I would recommend this product to any athlete/sports teams as I feel the garments have really helped in achieving faster recovery times allowing the players to train harder on a daily and weekly basis. The Isobar garments are an essential tool for each player’s recovery protocol and having used Isobar with the entire squad for the entire season, I am in no doubt that, they are the market leaders in sports compression garments."