Olympic medallists Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee choose Isobar

Today we're pleased to announce a working relationship with Olympic triathletes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee to provide bespoke compression garments which are crucial for athletes who regularly travel for training and competitions.

The Brownlee brothers will wear Isobar compression socks, which provide cutting-edge technology to protect against medical complications, during long haul travel as required by their intense training and competition schedules.

Double Olympic champion Alistair said: “We train and race all over the world, which involves a massive amount of flying. Coming from a medical family, we know the chance of getting a DVT is not worth the risk and could end our careers. Isobar compression socks fit perfectly and are comfortable enough to wear all day whilst travelling.”

The risk of Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) from long-haul flights is significantly reduced by wearing precise, custom fit Isobar compression garments. Our garments are used by professional sportsmen and women as well as medical, corporate and travel customers.

Olympic medalist Jonathan added: “The precise compression level is based on clinical research, so we know they work really well.”

Professor Charles McCollum, Professor of Surgery and Head of Academic Surgery at the University of Manchester and Isobar Chief Medical Advisor commented: “Now, for the first time, we are able to deliver the precise pressures needed for each indication, whether increasing performance and recovery for elite athletes, DVT prevention, or treating lymphoedema and leg ulcers.

“This is something that cannot be achieved by any existing compression stocking or bandaging system.”