Isobar advisor on blood clot risks for Pill users

Isobar Compression founder and medical adviser Professor Charles McCollum is quoted in the Mail Online this week after a woman died from a blood clot from taking the contraceptive Pill.

Prof. McCollum, Head of Academic Surgery and Professor of Vascular Surgery in the Institute of Cardiovascular Research, University of Manchester, provides guidance on the risk of blood clots in the article which can be read here.

Taking the contraceptive Pill is one of a number of risk factors that can lead to Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Other factors include immobility through travel such as taking regular long-haul flights, being tall or overweight or having a genetic history of blood clots. Anyone with worries over their risk should discuss with their GP or vascular expert.

Those at high risk are advised to wear well-fitting compression such as Isobar garments to reduce the risk of getting a DVT.