Why custom-fit flight socks are a must for business travel

Duty of care is a top-three issue for travel managers globally as increasing regulations and security means companies need to ensure their employees are safe when travelling, as well as in the office.

For many, this means considering how to support employees if a security incident occurs but did you know flying employees are more likely to suffer a blood clot while travelling than be involved in a security incident?

1 in 10 people taking a return long-haul flight within a month (4+ hours) will suffer an asymptomatic DVT; a blood clot without symptoms. Immobility through sitting for long period on flights or during coach travel causes the blood to pool in the legs meaning a clot can form, which in extreme cases can be life threatening if the clot travels to the lungs.

A blood clot spells bad news for the employee and their employer: long-term symptoms are common and the employee won’t be able to fly for up to six months, as well as needing two weeks – three months off work to recover.

Professor McCollum, Lawyer Monthly Vascular Expert of the Year 2016 & 2017, comments: “This is a largely avoidable risk. DVT, which is the inevitable precursor to a life-threatening Pulmonary Embolism, can be prevented by well-fitted elastic socks, good hydration, taking aspirin 300 mg with food before flying where this is not contraindicated and by exercising the calf muscles during the flight.”

Isobar Compression produces comfortable and effective flight socks, using a 3D scan of the employee’s limbs to capture an exact picture from which the socks are finely knitted to ensure an exact fit. Independently proven to last 100 washes, they give the employer and the employee peace of mind over travel health – and our customers tell us they reduce jet lag too.

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