Recovery tips for a healthy January

The new year brings new exercise routines and for some, getting ready for competition and races such as the London Marathon which is now just three months away. New or intense training brings those aching muscles - 'delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) - which can be a real pain. Using well-fitting compression can reduce this muscle fatigue and get you back running, in the gym or to your team sport faster.

Here is some recovery advice for athletes from leading sports physiologist Dr Jonathan Leeder, whose meta-analysis of compression and recommendations on choosing the Isobar bespoke fit can be found here. Use this advice as part of your exercise schedule and see the difference.

Recovery with greater than 24 hours until next needed to train/compete

  1. Upon finishing exercise, athletes should complete usual warm down activity. This will often involve light exercise and stretching
  2. During this period, athletes should commence nutritional recovery specific to the demands of their training. This will often comprise of carbohydrate, protein, electrolyte and rehydration.
  3. If the session was highly damaging / intense, athletes should aim to ice bath. This may reduce the magnitude of the initial damage. This should be completed within 2 hours of exercise.
  4. Upon leaving the ice bath, muscle temperature and blood flow continue to stay reduced for at least 1 hour. During this time compression garments should not be used as they could have the opposite effect.
  5. 1 hour after the ice bath, compression garments should be worn. These should be worn for up to 72 hours following the damaging exercise bout. 
  6. Compression can and should be worn when you sleep. This should be trialled before wearing garments during a competition, just to ensure sleep disturbance doesn’t occur as a result of the garment. 
  7. Compression garments can be worn 24/7 for up 3 days after the exercise bout to aid recovery.

Isobar Compression uses a unique 3D scan of your limbs to knit bespoke compression garments, which fit, are comfortable and are clinically effective. Call us on 02476 284041 to arrange your scan today.