Isobar team set for Brands Hatch race

Isobar Compression is excited to be entering a team in the Revolve24 24-hour cycle race at Brands Hatch next weekend. The Isobar team of four cyclists have all suffered DVTs in the past and now wear Isobar compression garments.


Jasmijn Muller, also known as Duracellbunnyonabike, is a keen amateur cyclist preparing to break the 1,000-mile solo cycling record next year. Despite suffering a DVT earlier this year, Jasmijn will be completing a six-hour ride as part of the four-team relay in the 24-hour race.


Paul Buckley suffered a DVT after completing the London Marathon ten years ago, but it developed into a life-threatening Pulmonary Embolism. Four years later Paul suffered another DVT while having bed-rest after a bike crash. Paul continues to ride and has just cycled from Belgium to Istanbul.


Neil Lewis has spent 30 years road racing and sprint track racing, so was surprised when he suffered a DVT when he was just 34. Like many endurance athletes, the lifestyle of racing matched with a desk job and driving increased his risk of a DVT. When the DVT was found, Neil had in fact been suffering with another undiagnosed DVT for six months.


Stuart Birnie is an ultra endurance cyclist and flat track time trialist, which means he has large calf muscles and veins which makes him more susceptible to blood pooling when seated for long periods of time. After two separate incidents and an almost 12-month wait for test results, Stuart found he had a blood mutation which predisposes him slightly to clotting.


Isobar Compression garments are the world's most precise compression, clinically proven to speed recovery, reduce muscle fatigue and the risk of DVT on long-haul flights. Isobar will have two stands at Revolve24 on the weekend of 11-12 September.


Cyclists will be able to have a 3D scan and order compression socks at a special event price of £99 or a set of socks and arm sleeves at £150. Socks last 100 washes, so that’s less than £1 a wear to aid recovery and reduce DVT risk.