Showcasing Isobar at the Vascular Society Conference

The Isobar Compression team has spent the week exhibiting at the Vascular Society Annual Conference in Manchester, speaking to consultants and nurses about our bespoke compression. Isobar is the only compression hosiery worldwide which uses 3D technology to produce bespoke and precise compression that can be varied at any point on a limb to 1mmHg accuracy, which is ideal for medical patients.

The ability to dial in whatever pressure gradient is needed for patients with leg ulcers or Lymphedema is a unique selling point. Bespoke, graduated compression can be used to replace bandaging and standard stockings for DVT prophylaxis, patients with Lymphodema, varicose veins, leg ulcers (4 layer bandaging) and venous insufficiency.

Over 700 vascular consultants, nurses and practice managers attended the show at the Manchester Convention Centre where one workshop focussed on diagnosing and treating DVT.