World Thrombosis Day

Isobar Compression is today partnering with World Thrombosis Day, 13th October, to raise awareness of the risk of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). Millions are effected around the world and blood clots contribute to 1 in 4 deaths each year.

To help raise awareness of the risk of DVT, Isobar has today released a new infographic so travellers can understand the risks. These risks can be mitigated through the use of bespoke, well-fitting compression socks.

Isobar uses a 3D scanner to scan the legs of each customer or patient, taking thousands of data points to then knit the compression socks to the exact fit of each customer. This unique personalisation ensures comfort and effectiveness. We are also able to set the pressure to that required for each customer.

Socks should be worn prior to long-haul travel, when arriving at an airport for example, until the wearer goes to bed that evening for maximum effect.

E-mail us at to organise your scan.