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We work with Isobar licensees across the globe... vascular, travel and physiotherapy clinics who have the foresight to secure better outcomes for their patients by choosing compression they can trust. We're releasing a limited number of UK licenses in Autumn 2018 and would love to chat to you about how we can work together.

Custom-fit compression from a 3D scan, with pressure accuracy in every stitch

  • Earn £15,000* additional revenue per year

  • Generate better patient outcomes

  • Drive new footfall into your clinic

  • Appeal to multiple markets

  • Scan patients in your clinic or setting

  • Say no to stock risk

    *Based on selling 10 pairs of compression garments per week


The Isobar Compression System

  • Founded through vascular expertise, 3D scanning innovation and patented cutting-edge knitting programming

  • Contouring to limb shape leads to an exact fit, ensuring specificity of pressure at every millimetre

  • Personalised service

  • Improves venous return to the heart by 59%

  • Better pressure accuracy than leading brands

  • More durable than leading medical brands

  • More reliable than leading sports brands

“Isobar Compression in 2018 is unique in terms of the 3D technology and precision, and have provided
custom fitted compression to many of our leading players in 2018, who have noted recovery and
performance gains, which will also protect the players against Deep Vein Thrombosis, and help
set them up nicely for Ryder Cup 2018.”
— Dr Andrew Murray, Chief Medical Officer European Tour Performance Institute

The benefits of prescribing accurate compression for your clients

  • Custom-fit for all shapes and sizes

  • Pressure accuracy over leading medical brand

  • Durability - no drop in pressure after 100 washes

  • Clinics quote saved nurse time over leg ulcer bandaging

Reduces risk of DVT in travel

  • Prevent blood pooling in the legs through immobility during coach and air travel

  • Support those who have additional risk, i.e. pregnancy, contraceptive pill, obese, tall, genetic conditions

Enhances recovery

  • Improve athletic recovery and strength

  • Aids performance


Our Partners

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