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The Benefits of Effective Graduated Compression for You


Effective compression garments squeeze blood from the surface veins back into the deep veins and help push blood back up to the heart. Isobar is clinically proven to:

  • Increase blood flow by 59%

  • Reduce swelling

  • Improve athletic recovery

  • Improve comfort and compliance

  • Continue to deliver after 100 washes.

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The latest news

“We at Derma One Medical Centre are very happy with Isobar. Using Isobar as a custom-made stocking has had a huge impact in our practice and in our patients. Previously, we were using ready-made stockings for patients with veins problems in the lower limb, but they were not very compliant and satisfied, especially due to the hot weather in a country like Bahrain. After we started using Isobar, our patients became more compliant and more satisfied, so we at Derma One Medical Centre highly recommend the use of such product.”
— Dr Sadiq Abdulla, Derma One Medical Centre, Bahrain