The Isobar range

Isobar garments are available for legs and arms, and can be developed for any part of the body, as they are all custom made.



Below knee socks

Available with open or closed toe

Calf sleeves


Thigh length socks

Available with open or closed toe

Arm sleeves

Also available in forearm sleeves

All garments are available as singles (left only, right only) or pairs (left and right).

Colour options

Isobar garments are available in four colours



Isobar garments are currently available in the UK and North America. Please contact us if you live outside these territories.


UK postal delivery is included. Please contact you local scanning centre for international and express courier delivery prices.


Prices depend on the type of garment you are ordering. Please contact you local scanning centre to discuss prices.

The 3D scanning process

Every customer is scanned so that Isobar compression garments can be produced to fit the unique size and shape of their limbs – ensuring maximum effectiveness. The 3D scan takes just seconds.

We offer scanning clinics in a number of locations around the UK, USA and Middle East. Please get in touch to arrange a time and place for your scan.