Photo: James Mitchell

Photo: James Mitchell

Eloise du Luart - Triathlete

Eloise formerly played lacrosse, but made the switch to compete in triathlons and duathlons in 2013, and has had a string of successful results. 2018 is Eloise's first season racing as a professional triathlete on the Ironman 70.3 circuit. She was placed 1st in the Hereford Duathlon and Seal Beach 10k in 2018.

Eloise wears Isobar Compression custom-fit full-leg socks for recovery and below-knee socks for travel. You can read more on Eloise's blog and @eloisedulu ‏on Twitter and Instagram.

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Charlie 'The Mighty' Quinn - professional boxer

When a knee injury ended a very promising football career at 18, Charlie turned to boxing and it immediately became his passion. After a successful Amateur apprenticeship served at the highly regarded Golden Ring Boxing Club in Southampton, he turned Professional under the Goodwin Boxing promotional banner in 2016 giving up his career as a fire fighter. 

Fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division he is confident and determined to achieve success at the highest levels of the sport. Charlie has chosen Isobar Compression to aid his recovery and travel. @mightyquinnbox1

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Jasmijn Muller - amateur cyclist/management consultant

Known as Duracellbunnyonabike, Netherlands-born Jasmijn is a keen amateur cyclist preparing to break the 1,000-mile women's solo cycling record riding from Lands End to John O'Groats in September 2017.

Jasmijn suffered from a DVT in early 2016 after a mix of training, travelling for work and dehydration. She is now proud to wear Isobar Compression for both recovery and travel to prevent future problems. @JasmijnMuller1

Photo: Johnny Swanepoel

Photo: Johnny Swanepoel

Mark Beaumont - ultra endurance athlete

Mark is a record-breaking long-distance cyclist, adventurer, broadcaster, documentary maker and author. He held the record for cycling round the world, completing his 18,297 miles in 2008, in 194 days 17 hours. In 2010 he cycled the Americas from Alaska, to Ushuaia, Southern Argentina, for a BBC TV series.

On 21 May 2015 Mark broke the World Record for fastest solo ride for the length of Africa, riding from Cairo to Cape Town in 42 days and 8 hours. The ultra-endurance athlete then set another record taking one third off the current Guinness World Record (123 days) for circumnavigating the globe, completing the challenge in just 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes wearing Isobar Compression calf and arm sleeves while cycling, then compression socks for recovery. @MrMarkBeaumont

Photos: Marc Aspland/The Times

Photos: Marc Aspland/The Times

Bruce Tasker - Bobsleigh driver

Bruce Tasker represents Team GB at Bobsleigh and competes all over Europe in the World Bobsleigh Series. A former 400m sprinter, Bruce switched sport while at the University of Bath. The team is currently ranked 4th in the world and is training for the Winter Olympics.

Bruce wears Isobar Compression to get that 1% performance gain so many athletes aspire for, allowing him to travel without the risk of DVT and speeding up his recovery to allow him to train more. @Bruce_Bobsleigh