Health economics and optimising pressure profiles

Funded by SBRI/Health East of England

Advanced Therapeutic Materials has received research funding from SBRI/Health East of England to carry out research and development work with our proprietary technology as part of a drive to bring innovative treatments into the NHS to improve outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

This funding has contributed significantly to the development of our treatment system for managing the symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency. As part of this project, we were able to commission a report from an independent Health Economist which has indicated significant potential for cost savings compared to treatment with multi-layer compression bandages.  

Another significant part of the project has enabled Advanced Therapeutic Materials to understand better the relationship between applied pressure and the impact on venous return rates which is vital for improving treatment by optimising the pressure profile to achieve the desired therapeutic effect whilst achieving a high level of comfort which in turn encourages concordance. It would not have been possible to carry out this research effectively had our technology not been able to deliver the specified pressures accurately across the whole limb.